The Fund

Fund of funds with a strong value bias. Focused on investing in long only or long/short equity funds with a global focus and without thematic constraints. Most of the underlying fund managers have a significant portion of their personal wealth invested in their own funds.

Fund Characteristics

Model portfolio returns (after all fees and charges) for Neeti Fund (backtested to 2014) are as follows:

Year Model Portfolio The Index*
2014 16.33% 1%
2015 6.56% -1.48%
2016 -1.85% 3.5%
2017 21.94% 18.96%
2018 6.41% -8.41%

*   The index is a composite of MSCI ACWI IMI Index and the Credit Suisse Long Short Equity Index weighted based on the respective allocations to "Long Only" and "Long/short" Equity Funds.